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Kranwaage HFO


Robuste Industrie-Kranwaage mit Eichzulassung [M] – perfekt für hochlastige, eichpflichtige Anwendungen

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  • The scale complies with the requirements of EN 13155 (loose load receptor / break resistance) and EN 61010-1 (electrical safety)
  • Professional device for robust applications in production, quality control, logistics etc.
  • Thanks to the stable construction and robust design, it is ideally suited for permanent use in an industrial environment
  • High mobility: thanks to battery operation, compact design and low weight, suitable for use at several locations (production, warehouse, shipping, etc.)
  • Adaptation to unsteady environmental conditions by changing the readability
  • Fine display: the readability [d] can be  increased by 1 digit for 5 seconds by pressing a button  , only for models with  EC type approval
  • Hold function : if the weighing has stopped, the weight display is automatically “frozen” until the HOLD key is pressed
  • Taring: Resetting the display to “0” when the scale is loaded. Loads that have been removed or added are now displayed directly
  • Hook with safety lock, rotatable
  • Radio remote control [/] as standard. Range up to 20 m. All functions can be selected (except ON / OFF). W × D × H 48 × 10 × 95 mm. Batteries included, 2 × 1.5 V AAA
  • Superior display size, digit height 30 mm, bright with high contrast for easy reading of the weighing value even in poor lighting conditions
  • Internal battery operation, standard, operating time up to h without  backlighting , charging time approx. 14 h



model Weighing range [Max] kg Readability [d] g A mm B mm C mm D mm E mm F mm G mm DAkkS calibration certificate option Calibration option List price plus VAT
HFO 1.5T0.5M 1500 500 270 200 175 610 540 60 35 1 € 1.030,00
HFO 3T1M 3000 1000 270 200 175 610 540 80 47 1 € 1.130,00

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